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Chiapas roasted coffee by The Joint features a rich blend sourced from Yaxcoffee's specialty producers in Chiapas. Grown at an elevation of 1100 meters.  Handcrafted to develop notes of cherry and dark chocolate, each batch reflects the sustainable practices and deep cultural heritage of the indigenous Tzeltales and Choles, emphasizing their connection to Maya traditions and the environment. This coffee celebrates the spirit of the region’s revered jaguar, symbolizing strength and resilience.

  • Origin: Chiapas, Mexico 
  • Format: Whole Beans  
  • Sizes Available: 12oz Bag, 5lb Bag (equivalent to over 6 retail bags)
  • Altitude: 1100m  
  • Process Method: Washed 
  • Flavor Notes: Cherry, Dark Chocolate  


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